AWS for the Cloud Practitioner and Associate

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Course Outline

Module 1

Cloud Concepts Overview

      • What is Cloud Computing
      • Six Advantages of Cloud Computing
      • What is Amazon Web Services
      • The AWS Cloud Adoption Framework.

Module 2

Cloud Economics

      • Cloud Computing Characteristics
      • Advantages and Disadvantages
      • Deployment model of Cloud
      • Different Services of Cloud
      • What is Data Center & Types of Data Center
      • Amazon Region
      • Leveraging Cloud Computing

Module 3

AWS Infrastructure Overview

      • Overview of Services and Categories
      • Introduction to the AWS Global Infrastructure
      • Introduction to Amazon VPC
      • Introduction to Security Groups

Module 4

Cloud Practitioner Essentials:

      • Cloud Concepts AWS Service and Service Category Overview
      • Compute Service Overview
      • Introduction to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud(Amazon EC2)
      • Amazon EC2 Cost Optimization
      • Introduction to AWS Lambda
      • Introduction to AWS Elastic Beanstalk.
      • Lab1: Introduction to Amazon EC2

Module 5

AWS Core Services

      •  Storage Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS)
      • Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)
      • Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS)
      • Amazon Glacier Lab 2 and Lab 3 Build Your VPC and Launch a Webserver & Working with EBS
      • Amazon VPC Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)
      • Amazon VPC Security Groups
      • Amazon CloudFront
      • Database Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS)
      • Amazon DynamoDB
      • Amazon Redshift
      • Amazon Auzora
      • Introduction to AWS IAM & Build Your DB server and Interact with Your DB using an APP
      • Balancing, Scaling
      • Monitoring Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)
      • Amazon Cloudwatch
      • Auto Scaling Session 1 Module 03
      • AWS Cloud Security AWS Shared Responsibility Model
      • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Module 6

AWS Cloud Security AWS Trusted Advisor

      • AWS Cloud Trail
      • AWS Config
      • AWS Day one Best Practice Review

Module 7

AWS Cloud Security AWS Security and Compliance Programs

      • AWS Security Resources
      • Optional: AWS Day one Demonstration
      • Scale and Load Balance your Architecture & Deploy a Web Application on AWS Lession 1 Lession 04
      • Cloud Architecting
      • Introduction to the Well- Architected Framework
      • Well-Architected Design Principles,

Module 8

Advanced Hive Programming

      • Example – Transition a Data Center to the Cloud Lab 8 and Lab 9
      • Making your Environment High Available & Using Notifications to Trigger
      • AWS Lambda 15 minutes Lession 4 Lab 10 & Lab 11
      • Creating an Amazon VPC with CloudFormation & Caching Files with Amazon CloudFront Session 1 Lab 12 & Lab 13
      • Implementing Serverless Architecture with AWS & Region Failover with Rout53

Module 10

Cloud Support Services

    • Cloud Support Services
    • Overview of AWS Technical Support Plans and Costs
    • Lab 14 & Students Practice Exam
    • Lab 14: Using AWS service to Enhance a Web Application

AWS for the Cloud Practitioner and Associate

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