Internet of Things

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Course Overview

“Imagine a world where your car texts you saying, ‘You didn’t close the back door properly. Please come and do it before it’s too late”

This Course will give the solid grasp of essential IoT concepts. After completing this course, students will achieve intermediate expertise in IoT and a high level of comfort with IoT concepts and systems.

Course Outline

Module 1

Introduction to IOT

      • Definition of IOT
      • IOT Concepts
      • IOT Features
      • IOT advantages and limitations
      • Application of IOT in our general life.

Module 2

Technical Consideration of IOT

      • IOT Hardware – IOT Sensors and there types
      • Wearable Devices ,Technologies,Electronics
      • IOT Software- Data Collection, Device Integration, Real Time Analytics.

Module 3

IOT – Technology

      • Near-Field Communication (NFC)
      • Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)
      • Low-Energy Wireless
      • Radio Protocols (ZigBee, Z-wave and Thread)

Module 4

IoT Communications and Interoperability Challenges

      • Identifying and connecting IoT devices with IPv6 and 6LoWPAN
      • Using WiFi for highspeed data networks
      • Getting smart about Bluetooth
      • Stirring up the IoT nest with Thread
      • Keeping the IoT hive alive with ZigBee

Module 5

Applications of the IOT

    • Engineering, Industry, and Infrastructure
    • Government and Safety
    • Home and Office
    • Health and Medicine, Education, Law Enforcement, Consumer and Sales, Marketing, Building/House Application

Internet of Things

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