Reasons to go for Python Training

Python is a general purpose, high level programming Language.

It prioritizes code readability and minimalism with fewer lines of codes. Python is anubiquitous language that supportsmultiple programming paradigms, such as imperative, functional and object-oriented programming or procedural styles. The most important reason to learn a programming Language is the uses of that programming language and it’s potentials. Here are a few reasons to go for python Training.

Python is used in web development, game development, Graphics, Financials, Science, Electronic Design Automation, Software Development, Education, Business Software and by the US Government.



Yahoo runs Yahoo maps and Groups on Python. There are reportedly 180,000 lines of Python codes powering everything from the efficiently dynamic website to all email delivery, dishing out 200 messages per second on a single 400 MHz Pentium.


The crawlers of the giant search engine called spiders which comb the web for new inputs were mostly
written in python.


Shopzilla is a family shopping comparing site. It’s configuration management and deployment, automated testing and internal tool development were all crafted in Python. Shopzilla uses Python for configuration management and deployment, automated testing and internal tool development.

Python is the major rival to PHP when it comes to web development. A lot of blogs and websites use python in one way or the other.



Nokia uses python to provide high level programming for the S60 (Symbian) and Maemo (Linux) platforms

Red Hat

Red Hat Linux distribution uses python for its installer and configuration Utilities. Other software developers like pardus, SGI Inc and a host of others use python judiciously in software development.

Battlefield 2

Battlefield 2 uses python to implement essential elements of the gaming experience which includes the score keeping and team balancing.

Civilization 4

This legendary strategy game series has a newer addition that has all its inner logic, such as it’s Application Interface, implemented in Python. The interface is exposed, so the budding community can easily take advantage of it.

Python is used extensively in game development.



Autodesk Maya

Scripts for feature controls and adjustments in Autodesk can be done with python. A lot of feature studios use python to add script ability to their production system.

Blender 3D

Blender is a 3D modeling programthat makes use of Python as an extension language for its feature extension and flexibility.

Other graphic design software is either made with python or has features that can be adjusted using python scripts. Examples are robofog, paint shop pro.


National Weather Service


The National Weather service of the united states of America uses a combination of tkinter and python in making maps, write forecasts, issue warnings, and basically do most of their work.”

Python is not obviously the only programming Language that can be used to do the above things, but certain features and flexibility that python affords makes it the go to programming Language for a lot of systems. This due to the fact that it is robust , solid and powerful enough for Bank of America to adopt it in the running of their critical system. It is easy to learn and also an open source application. TGC India is a good python training Institute in Delhi.