What are the salary packages for a Python and Machine learning Freshers

How much Does a Python Developer and a Machine Learning Fresher Earn?

In today’s world, the IT industry has achieved a lot.  Python and machine learning courses are fresher’s choice to make their careers. Both are popular and in-demand, some of the candidates prefer to choose Python as their career.

For Python lovers, it recommended getting Python certification. While in machine learning, the machines need to program for the respective working. The process of machine learning is completely dependent upon the procedures and instructions. In this article, we will discuss the salary of a Python developer as well as that of a Machine learning fresher.

Average Salary of a Machine Learning – Fresher

A machine learner fresher will get approx. 8 lakhs in India. For an experienced candidate salary will reach 20 Lakh. An engineer who will work like a machine learner should focus on some of the languages like Python, Java, C, C++. JavaScript is also used for creating algorithms.

One should work as a team for delivering a great output. Salary will increase after getting experience in designing and implementing machine learning applications. It is been observed that the Indian data analytics will increase by $16 billion from $2 billion. The average salary of a Machine Learning engineer is increasing year by year.

Check out the Growth and Salary of a Python Developer – Fresher

As a fresher, a python developer will get approx. 5 lakh per year. This salary bar will vary according to job roles.

  • Software Developer – A candidate with this job role will get approx. 5 Lakh.
  • Senior Software Developer – The roles and responsibilities will increase with this designation. As a Sr.  Software developer, the salary bar will be approx. 6 Lakh.
  • Data scientist – Once candidate will achieve this job role, they will get the highest salary i.e. 9 Lakh.

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Summary: Grab the chance for learning the leading courses at an affordable cost. Python and Machine learning are the favourite choices of freshers. Salary bar for both careers is good with an increase in productivity.