Top 10 companies in India, employing a Data Scientist

A data scientist has a high demand in the job market today. After all, it’s one of the most happening professions right now. If you have the zeal to master the technicalities, you cannot go wrong with this trade. Even a rookie with less than 1-year experience in his belt can earn around five lacs/annum with a decent company in India, as per Glassdoor data. The average hovers around seven lacs/ annum while the crests can climb to about 13-14 lacs/annum for experienced data science professionals.

Many companies in India hire data scientists in a continuous fashion. Some of the companies are directly involved in data science disciplines such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, etc. while some others that are not primarily concerned with data science still require tip-top data science teams for data analysis and interpretation.

We take a look at the top 10 Indian firms (or the Indian chapters of MNCs) specializing in various Data Science disciples and the salaries they provide to their data scientists. This list is not in any particular order. You’re free to include more as you deem fit.

Note – All salary amounts are in INR.


Crediwatch is a firm that provides consolidated data intelligence for other firms using NLP, ML & data visualization. Crediwatch is sort of like an online data repository that deploys with computational techniques to provide real-time insights on the target audience, other vendors, and of course, competitors.

Average Salary – As per AmbitionBox, Crediwatch provides a whopping 16.2 lacs/annum on an average to data scientists.


A list of this nature would have felt incomplete had we left out the most prominent IT firm of all damn time. Google’s ML, AI, NLP, and Cloud ventures are well known. Recently the company rolled out Stadia, a wholesome gaming platform built to complete function on the web, to reduce the resource consumption on your local machines!

Average Salary – Glassdoor data points to an average of 19-20 lacs/annum salary given by Google to its data scientists.


This company surely doesn’t need any introduction save for those who are living under rocks. It’s one of the most successful IT firms of all time and has specialized product modules dealing with ML, Cloud Computing, and database solutions. It’s a database, and Cloud solutions are very well known.

Average Salary – Glassdoor reports a humongous 24 lacs/ annum average salary provided by Oracle to its data scientists in India with the crest and trough values standing at 16 lacs/ annum and 27 lacs/ annum respectively.

BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions

With its state-of-the-art AI solutions, BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions provides AI solutions for client companies for complex problem solving and automation.

Average Salary – As per Glassdoor, BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions typically provides around 5-6 lacs/annum on an average to its data scientists.


This Bengaluru based firm has a flagship product of its own called the MATEVerse. This helps individuals and companies new to ML pick it up easily. MATEVerse aims to provide a readymade solution to create easy to train custom ML models and their integration into other apps using simple API calls. 

Average Salary – MATE Labs doles out a handsome nine lacs/annum salary package on an average to its data scientist, according to Glassdoor data.


Genpact has more than 1500 data scientists in its payroll engaged in developing customer-centric solutions to various data science challenges using AI and ML. As per insiders, here data scientists even have the freedom to nurture and develop ‘side-ops’ or personal ML projects with the main emphasis on innovative problem-solving.

Average Salary – According to Glassdoor, Genpact typically provides around six lacs/annum on an average to data scientists.


Armed with a team comprising north of 1000 data scientists spread across geographies, Wipro has gained an impressive foothold in the data science industry of late. The firm concentrates mainly on ML, NLP, and Big Data domains to provide product-based as well as service-based solutions to meet it’s own and it’s clients’ requirements.

Average Salary – Glassdoor data suggests Wipro provides about eight lacs/annum package on average to its data science professionals.


Couture is a company that specialized in making custom AI platforms that assists other enterprises in implementing targeted products built using their own flavour of ML and deep learning solutions. Enterprises of the stature of Reliance Jio have been known to have licensed Couture’s products to provide customized experiences to their multi-million strong customer base.

Average Salary – According to AmbitionBox, Couture provides around eight lacs/ annum salary on average to their data science teams.

Quantiphi Inc

Established in 2013, this is comparatively a new player in the industry but has already made respectable strides in the AI and ML to create API based solutions for their clients. It has also forayed into Big Data, Hadoop, and related areas and is looking to excel in tune with the industry.

Average Salary – As per Glassdoor, this company provides a great ten lacs/ annum average salary to its data science professionals.


Paytm is an Indian Unicorn, investing in database driven sales through its platform, hiring a big number of data scientists in the year 2020-2021 itself.

Average Salary – Ten+ Twelve lacs/ annum average salary to its data science professionals.

Other Top Companies in Hiring Data Scientist: 

PayPal India, AirtelX Labs, BG Consultants, JP Morgan, Mercedes Benz, Flipkart, Aditya Birl Group DNA cell, Evalueserve, MicDigtal Media, Tiger Analytics, Trdence Inc., Ugam the Mercle company, Verizon data services, 

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