5 Reasons as How Python And Data Science Technologies are a Saviour during the Corona Pandemic

Let’s learn them to deal with new global challenges.

 2020 is treating us rough. Who could have thought that one day the world will go down for a complete lockdown for days? All the credits go to Coronavirus.

 People have lost lives due to this deadly virus, people have stopped going to the office, kids are locked inside their houses and cannot attend schools or go out to play. Not only the virus but a psychological thrust is also eating us from inside slowly. The pandemic of COVID-19 has affected thousands of industries throughout the world and is still continuing to do so.

 But, if you look for the data science industry, even during such a harsh period, it is remaining one of the most effective ones. When all the countries are slowly bringing the lockdown rules to a relax, the world economy gradually heading back to its way. Here, data science is responsible.

What is data science?

As we get from the name, data science is all about data. So, what is science in it? The science of studying data and its various implications is what data science is all about. Recording, analysing and storing data of several types, to get useful information from it, is what data scientists are responsible for.

How is data science useful for saving ourselves from the effects of such a deadly pandemic? 

  • Data science is a very good way to provide accurate estimates of the demands in the health system. Now, why is this needed? Before any country, starts opening or re-establishing their economies, they should be very sure that new cases of COVID-19, will not lead to the stumbling of the healthcare system. Small levels of collection, analysis and forecasting, would not be enough now. Plans should include contact tracing, monitoring the movement of the population, extensive testing etc. With the help of data science, this information pool can be created very easily.
  • Often the government might not be as successful in planning proper programs. In this regard, the people from the tech and data science community would be able to work with the health workers, to plan things which the governments are not able to do.       
  • One more way, by which data science can help us, is by ensuring a proper and reliable benchmarking and tracking procedure. This helps in finding out the prevalence of the infection in a particular area. 

Python-the language of the modern era

Python is the most in-demand language today. It has certain characteristics, which makes it a trusted language, for developing some of the most revolutionary apps and programs.

  • Python is the owner of a library for fulfilling all your requirements
  • Python is way too flexible, and a finer data visualisation Is called for

How is Python a weapon against the pandemic?

Studies show that modelling the pandemic situation mathematically and simulating it in terms of the Python language, can not only restrict the spread of the virus but also can lead to zero COVID-19 cases.

  • As per reports from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, GOI, Python packages like Seaborn, GeoPandas and Matplotlib are providing useful insights into the COVID situation.
  • Python is helping to scrape and analyse region-specific data and maintain them. All this information is quite useful in keeping track of the condition and adopting measures to prevent mass level spread.

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