Top 10 Most Popular Web Frameworks Developed In Python

With huge frameworks and resources, Python is an all-inclusive language which can be used widely in Python training in Delhi for development of dynamic backend and front-end websites and web applications and contents. It has a huge following and vast community to help you through the difficulties.

It is such a resourceful, smooth and versatile development program which has gained enough popularity and attention in the Android development community. Here are some of its top frameworks –


It is a powerful and easy to use the framework of Python. With, developers can work in the endless environment. It is very comprehensive and user-friendly framework. It enables high end and efficient system integration. This framework is very portable and easy to learn. It gives amazing results with fewer efforts on development. This way, it reduces the risk of development significantly as it is helpful to shorten the codes.

  • Pyramid

It is one of the easiest to use frameworks of Python. It is an open source framework which is widely used to ease the tasks of arbitrary web application development. It is one of the fastest frameworks and has good documentation and it is based on Zope. Basically, it is used for difficult and bigger applications.

  • Flask

It is one of the widely used frameworks but it has some flaws. It lacks database abstraction layer, form validation, and other features. However, it is designed for beginners to add extensions for more functionality.

  • CherryPY

It is oldest Python framework, though not famous. It hasn’t got so much popularity as it cannot connect so many people to multi-tier architecture. It is highly stable, fun and simple HTTP framework. It is widely used for web applications like Blogs, CMS, and eCommerce websites.

  • Django

It is an advanced framework which is used to accelerate the process of web development and to ensure pragmatic and clean design. It is an open source framework which gets the most of high security.

  • Bottle

It is easy-to-use and fast micro web framework which is lightweight. This WSGI framework has zero dependency, except Python Standard Library. It supports Python Paste, Google App Engine, and other platforms.

  • Turbo

It is widely used for development of complex and simple web applications. This framework is a bit difficult to master which really pays off. It has Mochikit and JavaScript library integration, SQL Alchemy, and SQL object support, and multi-database support.

  • Pylons

It is yet another open-source framework which provides online debugger to find errors with ease. It is very easy framework to learn in Python Courses in India and work on development projects.

  • ObjectWeb


This framework is dedicated to those who prefer no development difficulties and speed. ObjectWeb doesn’t rely on other libraries, which is the best part. It features in-built server base on web development and is built to match WSGI and CGI standards.

  • Reahl

It is designed to cut the clutter and it is a web framework which is optimized well to give pure development with all technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. You can easily write the whole program with it.