Top 6 reasons to choose an online course in Python and Data Science

The systematic and technical deep analysis of unstructured and structured data for estimations or applications in a multitude of contexts is what constitutes Data Science. Data Science is a great career prospect in 2020, even more so because of this, pandemic induced social distancing in place. Why? Well, all you need is an interconnected team of trained Data Science professionals with PCs and Internet connections.

Data Science is fast evolving as one of the sought-after career paths for skilled professionals. Today’s successful data professionals have multi-faceted talents. Conventional skillsets of data mining, data analysis, and programming do not cut it anymore. To extract even more data intelligence, data scientists need to master the entire spectrum of the life cycle of data science to maximize the benefits after each stage has been completed.

It is possible that many of you are interested in Data Science courses but are hesitant to go for full-fledged training. Here are the six major advantages of pursuing Data Science courses online.

Online degrees 

Many recognized institutes and universities like IITs these days offer online degrees right after completion of online Data Science courses and other related modules like Statistics, Probability, and Python. Many training institutes go one step further and provide internationally valid online degrees to students. Other than these, various boot-camps and even Masters degree courses are being offered online right from the comfort of your homes. These may or may not be available to be pursued when it comes to classroom training.

In-depth understanding

Online courses in general, those of Data Science, in particular, are easier to grasp and remember online. This is because of obvious reasons – provision of recorded (and thus repetitive) classes, ease of scheduling, and the ability to study as per one’s schedule. Also, there is little theory involved. Most of the learning is done practically, on one’s PC. So there’s little need for a physical classroom here. This way, the significant advantages of the offline mode of training are almost negated.

Better interaction

With the online mode of instruction, student-instructor interactions are often clearer and straightforward. Also, we have all come across the kind of students who are shy or reluctant to get their doubts cleared offline but are comfortable doing the same on online forums or live chat sections which are directly accessible by the instructors.

Lower costs and higher flexibility

Yup, that’s right. Online courses provide great flexibility and lower costs which classroom courses cannot. This is because classroom courses by nature are not very flexible and cost-effective. And by lower costs, we’re not just talking about money here. Yes, there is a certain financial benefit present in online courses, but there is also a significantly lower opportunity cost if you opt to study online instead of the regular brick-and-mortar classes. 

For example, enrolling in an offline Data Science course would mean committing to it full-time and thus incurring an opportunity cost of doing something else during that period. With online Data Science classes, you can pursue something else, like a part-time job to support yourself, for instance.

Faster adoption of new technologies

Classroom training is fine while you’re a student. As soon as you become a Data Scientist yourself, you’ll have to be on the hunt to constantly update your knowledge and relevant skills, and you have to do so being on the job. You won’t always have the liberty to take up discrete classroom training every time. Online training is the present as well as the future. You can adapt faster and learn new Data Science technologies on the go if you feel at home with the online mode of education.

Ability to follow multiple trainers

If need be, you can pursue individual Data Science training modules from multiple trainers or training institutes. For example, you can learn Python coding from Institute A while already learning essential Data Science Mathematics like Statistics and Probability from Institute B simultaneously, which is not possible in the classroom mode.

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