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What are the career options for a Python programmer? Is it possible to get a Python job being a fresher?

You might have noticed a shift in the recent trends. More and more people are opting to learn the Python programming language to enhance their job opportunities. It is common knowledge that virtually all the industries nowadays use the various applications of Python for their development. 

It is evident that tech giants such as Instagram, Netflix, Reddit, Google, and many more, are using Python for their upkeep and development. But technical industries aren’t the only ones exploiting the many functions of this versatile coding language. You can see various applications of Python at your local bank, hospital reception, any mainstream news channel, and so much more. 

Based on this, there is a clear-cut chance that if you know Python, you will have a lot of opportunities to find decent jobs. Some of them might be obvious – like joining as a Python developer at any company. But there are other, lesser exploited streams that you can opt for. 

Some of the significant career options for a Python programmer are as follows:

1. Python Developer:

This is easily the most direct job that you can land if you have an intermediate knowledge of the Python programming language. You can become a Python developer for any particular company, or even work as a Freelancer, depending upon your resume and skills. The various functions which a Python developer performs are:

    • They build websites and web-portals.
    • They are responsible for optimizing and managing data algorithms. 
    • Data analysis is one of the key applications of Python. All data analytics problems and solutions fall under the domain of a Python developer.
    • They also implement data protection and cyber-security.
    • The most important task that they have is to write efficient, rewritable, and working codes for various problems. 

Just because this is a widely contested job, doesn’t mean that the demand for this position is any less. A large number of multi-national corporations and companies are looking for their own Python developers. Small-scale companies also pay a hefty sum to efficient developers.

2. Software Engineer:

The main difference between a developer and a software engineer lies in what people expect of them. It is the job of developers to come up with ideas and codes on their own. While software engineers need to have a thorough understanding of the language and write codes according to the instructions of the company. Here’s what they generally do:

  • Build web applications and run network control systems.
  • They don’t need to come up with software ideas on their own. Usually, they only require to provide the code for ideas put forth by other members of the team.

3. Product Manager:

Do your interests lie in a managerial position rather than a technical one? If so, then the product manager is the position you should opt for. One of the applications of Python is to analyse and work with various types of data. Product managers manipulate and study this data to perform the following functions:

    • Find gaps and other latest trends in the market.
    • Put forth ideas about which product to launch in the market.
    • Research new user features.

4. Data Analyst:

The various modules present in the Python libraries are efficient when it comes to finding meaning and trends in large, unorganized sets of data. It is the job of a data analyst to predict trends, and come up with ideas to optimize solutions related to various problems.

5. An educator:

Although it is an easy language to learn, there must be someone who is qualified to teach beginners about the Python programming language. You can easily become a teacher at any institute. 

An important question that stands is – can we get a Python job even if we are a fresher? The answer is – yes. It is a language which is in great demand. Even if you don’t have any experience, you can get a large number of jobs such as a beta tester, bug finder, and many more with just an intermediate knowledge of the language. 

In conclusion, learning Python can not only land you in decent-paying jobs but also help you get better chances in other fields which require basic knowledge of the coding language. is a leading institute, based in Delhi, which has proved efficient in teaching beginners the various applications of Python which they can use to better their career options.